Tiger Wormery Review – Still Loving it After More than A Year

When I started looking at buying my first wormery I soon got overwhelmed by choices. I knew I wanted a design that works for the worms, is easy to use, clean(ish), durable and affordable. After an initial gasp when looking at prices for wormeries in general (funny how you can get used to prices over […]

Types of Designs and Plans for a Wooden Wormery

Interest in wormeries is increasing and different designs to house composting worms are available to buy. Most of these worm bins are made of plastic due to its light weight, and it’s resistance to moisture and rot. But wooden wormery can work great as well.  In fact, wood offers a couple of advantages plastic can’t […]

Best Indoor Wormeries in the UK

Who wouldn’t want to do the right thing and not only send less food waste to landfill but even turn it into a proper eco resource? That’s exactly a wormery is for. Using an indoor wormery is now easier than ever and several designs are there for you to choose from. Worm composting has been […]

The Best Worm Composters in the UK – Indoors and Outdoors

Zero wasters see them as a great way to reduce food waste going to landfill, gardeners highly value the worm castings, anglers are keen on easy access to bait worms and owners of a worm eating pet like knowing where the food for their pet comes from. We found the best worm composters in the […]

Red Wiggler vs European Nightcrawler for Composting

While the red wiggler is well researched and widely used for composting, another surface worm is creeping up in online conversations about vermicomposting. The European nightcrawler (ENC) or Euro seems to have enough to say for itself to be used as a great composting and bait worm for fishing. As it turns out you might […]

Outdoor Worm Composting in Winter – To Do or Not To Do?

Most people start their worm farm in spring, get it up to full worm castings production mode in summer, a little less in autumn and then start worrying about outdoor worm composting in winter. In this article you will find everything you need to know to protect your worm population against freezing temperature and help […]

Vermicomposting vs Bokashi – the new kid on the block

Sooner or later any compost enthusiast comes along this strange sounding method and wonders how this fits in with more widely known ways of food waste recycling. For worm farm keepers vermicomposting vs Bokashi will be one of their first questions. What can Bokashi do, worms can’t? Or vice versa, what can worms perhaps provide […]

Vermicomposting vs Hot Composting – which is best for your place?

Remember when you thought all composts are equal and then you came across terms like vermicomposting, hot composting or traditional composting. (We’ll have mercy and won’t mention leaf mold, Bokashi and Quick Return just yet) After discussing vermicomposting and traditional composting here we are now going to dig a little deeper and break down (if […]

Vermicomposting vs Traditional Composting, or Why Worms Are Really Cool

It seems that for some people vermicomposting vs traditional composting is a no brainer. Then there are the many of us who have a compost bin or a pile in the corner of the garden where we throw grass cuttings and other organic waste and hope for the best. But we don’t tend to give […]

Benefits of Worm Castings for Stronger, Healthier Plants and Better Crops

When composting worms munch their way through rotting organic material like kitchen scraps and turn them into worm castings they silently, bit by bit create an elixir of life for soil and plants that can revive spent soil and support plants to thrive from seeds to harvest.  Some of the benefits of worm castings include […]