Homegrownmatters.com is an attempt to marry old values with today’s world, its ecological problems but also its possibilities and emerging opportunities.

I grew up with most food and consumer goods being produced within the country. Fast food and take away meals were practically non-existent, eating out only happened on special occasions.

My family used to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs in the garden where we spent most of spring, summer and autumn. If I remember correctly, back then the incentive for gardening and DIY didn’t arise out of worry about polluted food but rather to save money, to spend spare time doing something you love and for us kids to be outside as much as possible.

However, once I left home I became more and more a consumer. And didn’t think twice about it. I had enough money to buy what I needed and wanted. Intellectual pursuits like university and a professional career and exploring the world and having my own kids kept me busy.

It was the IPCC Global Warming Special Report 2018 that pushed me into rethinking my lifestyle and taking actions in my personal life. There is always the nagging question of ‘will it make a difference?’. However, I am also finding more and more signs, groups, changes in product choices, and indeed an increasing array of ecological choices available to us that make me hopeful.

Homegrownmatters.com was created as a place for others like me to find solutions to live a more ecologically sound life. Whether you are looking to grow and cook your own food, reduce household waste or switch to solar energy, Homegrownmatters.com is here to provide tips, tricks and recommendations that will help you on your journey to increasing self-sufficiency.

There are tons of products out there which can make this journey easier, more enjoyable and are sometimes absolutely essential for success. Where appropriate we include unbiased product reviews based on user reviews and actual user-generated feedback. Sometimes we make a commission from those recommendations but we don’t recommend products we don’t believe in.

In addition to helping you finding solutions for environmentally living, Homegrownmatters.com also aims to grow an online community. We therefore welcome any comments, feedback and questions in the comments section under articles. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for visiting and we are glad to have you here.